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Come on Liverpool!

So with two matches to go both United and Chelsea beat their respective opponents.

Chelsea have Liverpool next week and then Wigan the next.  United will face Sunderland followed by Stoke.  One of the few bright spots this weekend would be Stoke’s performance.  From what I could see (just look at the final result 7-0) they have packed up for the season.  At least United can look forward to 3 points on the 9th. 

It’s all essentially down to Liverpool this weekend.  They will have to do the business for us if anything is going to come of this season.  Wouldn’t it odd for Liverpool to play a decisive role in United 19th title ultimately taking the crown as England’s most successful club?  Bizarre business and truly I can’t much coming of it.  They may be urging forward towards fourth but they may also have a hangover from there European outing.

It’s too bad that Mourinho has gone; there was a period just over 2 years ago now where United were seen as preferable champions over Chelsea.  Now this Italian guy shows up and suddenly people don’t really mind them that much.  Oh how things can change.


The Weekend Past

October 4, 2009 1 comment

Another exciting weekend in the world of football. 

Real Madrid lost for the first time this weekend without their talisman Cristiano Ronaldo.  Their name will be added to list of “clubs in crisis” which features any top club who hasn’t crushed someone in the past week.  To that list we will also add Liverpool since surely they can’t recover now can they?  Manchester United are officially out of the tital race after failing to score twice in stoppage time against Sunderland.  It isn’t as if Sunderland are a vastly improved club under a newly upgraded manager.

I almost feel liberated. With Chelsea’s name already written down in the annals of the Premier League as the 09/10 Champions we can finally move on and start thinking about the 2010 Winter Olympics and the World Cup in South Africa. 

Now to find my vuvuzela and brush up on my technique.

Thoughts United v. Sunderland 03/10/09

October 4, 2009 2 comments
He's so laid back he's horizontal

He's so laid back he's horizontal

United were lucky indeed yesterday against Sunderland. In England no one is so naive to think that the league is a competition of equals but Saturday evening saw a team “designed to finish first” struggle mightily to match the organization, industry and will of a side who finished only 2 points out of relegation last year.

Sunderland took their chances and were the beneficiaries of poor defending and an unorganized defence. Manchester United who won the title last year on the backs of their iron men in defence, Ferdinand and Vidic, look to have urgent work ahead if they are to continue their challenge for a fourth Premier League title. This year of their eight matches they have conceded first in three of their last five matches.

Ryan Giggs, the recent impetus for United in their more convincing performances, did not even have a place on the bench and another of United’s old guard was given a place at the heart of midfield. Paul Scholes has a special place in my heart not only for his vision for a pass and technical ability but for his off the pitch professionalism. Truly he is a family man who steps into stardom once a week.

That star appears to be fading and given the 45 minutes on show Saturday, its fading quickly. Even in games where Scholes is not given space and time to pick out 30 yard killer passes, one of his enduring qualities has been the ability to retain possession and not waste it under pressure. Sunderland worked their socks off and Scholes could not find a teammate to save his life. His replacement at half-time, Anderson, certainly changed the game and provided much needed energy but United were still poor.

Take nothing away from Sunderland who through Turner at the back, Cana and Cattermole in the centre and Bent and Jones up front have a team who will not struggle this season. Steve Bruce was an astute managerial appointment and he has bought well over the summer bringing vast improvement. Look no further than a svelte looking Andy Reid who’s sumptuous pass to Kenwyne Jones gave the Black Cats a deserved lead for the second time in the match just when you could sense Manchester United building momentum.

Further concern for United is the absence of a second attacking winger. Danny Welbeck is certainly not a winger and despite what we’ve been led to believe about Nani he has not delivered a tenth of the promise thus far. United had no width through Nani or Welbeck and it showed through the frustration from Rooney at the end of the first half. Wayne Rooney cut the shape of a lonely and isolated man and did not have the required impact.

Berbatov provided the highlight of the evening through his outrageous goal in the second half. United were fortunate to equalise at the death and only after 2-2 in the 90th minute did United truly play with any urgency.

On the balance of the full match Sunderland can feel hard done by and United have miles to go if they are to win another Premier League crown.