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Sweet Validation

As this Sunday comes to a close we’ve learned something more.

First of all, I was right about Liverpool. Granted they were beaten by a freak goal but ultimately without Gerrard and Torres they are mediocre at best and at their worse, as they were on Saturday, they belong in the middle of the pack.

Second we saw that Rooney-less Manchester United can still find ways to win: credit to Sir Alex for building a respectable team outside of the recognized superstars.

And we’ve also seen that all the superstars and planning in the world can’t prepare you for a bad day as Chelsea realized. All praise should be given to Aston Villa who have adequately filled their own gaps and made great strides this season.

Manchester United were poor despite their win and Liverpool will be craving domestic redemption come next weekend. Liverpool v. United are the top bill for certain.


4 Reasons why Liverpool won’t challenge anytime Soon

October 6, 2009 2 comments
What to do now?

What to do now?

Liverpool were soundly beaten by Chelsea this weekend.  This raises the question: Are Liverpool a realistic title challenger?

As far as I can see the answer is “NO”.  Below are my reasons why.

1.  Too reliant on 2 Players:  Liverpool have long been accused of depending Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres for goals and impetus.  This might seem like the easy answer but…well its entirely true.  They have no alternative in midfield to replace Gerrard and where would their goals come from if not Torres?

2.  Lack of a Supporting Cast:  Compare to Manchester United who have a reliable squad surrounding Wayne Rooney, Vidic, and Berbatov.  Or Chelsea who have successfully built a squad of players that can swap places as needed and consistently support Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba.  Chelsea  are leading the way in terms of squad strength.  For Liverpool there are few supportive options beyond Yossi Benayoun.

3.  Defensive Frailty:  Liverpool have lost a lot of their former strength at the back.  Hyppia and Carragher were once a strong partnership but that seems like  a distant memory.  Compare Carragher and Skrtel to Ferdinand/Vidic of United and Carvalho/Terry of Chelsea.  There is no match

4.  Poor Acquisitions:  Rafa Benitez is thought of as a tactical genius but he hasn’t shown much ingenuity when it comes to buying players.  His attempts to bulk up his squad have been disasters.  Ryan Babel, Andriy Voronin, Luis Garcia, Robbie Keane, Lucas Leiva, Sebastian Leto, Alvaro Arbeloa…and on and on

That’s all I’ve got.  I don’t think Liverpool are anywhere near being a title challenger on a consistent basis.  Last year will ultimately the closest they will come for