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Inaugural Good Sport Award

We’re in the middle of the final round of Qualifying games for the 2010 World Cup.  That last games will be played on Wednesday.  There’s been ample time for stars to show off and throw their names into the hat for performance of the week. 

Unfortunately the best stories don’t always get the headlines.  So I’ve dreamed up the “Good Sport Award” in order to dole out some kudos if I feel they’re deserved. 

And the winner is:  Souleymane Diawara.  Who the snot is Souleymane Diawara?  Read the quotes below:

“I am sad and it is something that has been tormenting me for days. I never meant to hurt him. Before the game against Madrid there was a lot of anticipation. It was a particular dream. I think Madrid are the best team in the world. At last my dream came true, but because of the defeat and everything that happened with Cristiano it became something else.”

“It [the fax] says what I have in my heart. It says that I regret the damage that was caused and I wish for him to recover as soon as possible. Football will miss him. Marseille do not know if it has been sent yet, but I hope so. My intentions were never bad.”

I’ll quickly back it up for you.  Before the most recent World Cup Qualifying games many players were in action with their everyday clubs in the Champions League, the competition bringing together Europe’s best sides in one tournament.  Marseille from France and Real Madrid from Spain met and our winner Diawara for Marseille was tasked with shackling Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s most expensive player.

Unfortunately Diawara was sent off for two yellow cards the second of which was for a tackle on Ronaldo that forced the Portuguese player to be taken off with a sprained ankle.

It’s rare to hear of a player who genuinely wishes the best for another player of greater skill.  In this case the injured player is the world’s most marketable asset.  While I may not think Ronaldo deserves to be at the World Cup he’s a player of incredible skill and creator of some breath-taking pieces of football.

Souleymane Diawara

Our friend Diawara seems to understand the larger picture of football worldwide.  Football as a whole is certainly poorer without a player like Ronaldo.  But now we can say that football would be much poorer without players like Souleymane Diawara as well, a definate role model in his own right (can Ronaldo say the same?).

Well done to him and let him serve as an example to all up and coming players.