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Ronaldo shouldn’t go to the World Cup

October 9, 2009 1 comment

Before I get into any of my arguments I would like to first acknowledge the marvelous footballing talent that is Cristiano Ronaldo.  Please see below:

I know the music is a little sappy but I figure that this video wonderfully displays his best attributes.  Let’s all agree that Ronaldo is the most talented player in the world right now and get that over with.  To anyone who tries to tell me that talent alone should guarantee a place at the World Cup I say, “WRONG!”

My first post briefly hinted at my distaste for football’s commercialization and I’m certain you’ll soon be left in no doubt.  Today Cristiano Ronaldo was named the new “spokesmodel” (surely an oxymoron; does he have to speak?) for …. wait for it …. Giorgio Armani underwear. I’ll let you recover from that newsworthy bombshell.

Ronaldo follows in the illustrious footsteps of David Beckham whose curiously ample ad raised many eyebrows upon its release. They say the camera adds…well…you know.

I’ve found some quotes from our anti-hero Ronaldo:

“I want to go down in history as one of the greatest players ever, and if I can be remembered as the greatest of all time that would be fantastic,”

Speaking about being bought for 80 million pounds (which is about 126.77 million dollars):”I think that it’s a fair figure. If Manchester United and Real Madrid agree this amount then there is nothing more to say,” said Ronaldo. “I will show that the money they are paying has been a good decision.”

Find here an article from the Guardian talking about the potential financial loss should the best player in the world not be included in the tournament.

Ronaldo missing the World Cup would allow us to focus on the good football being played rather than the ultimate disappointment of the Portugal team and Ronaldo’s crying. Anyone would prefer to talk about wonderful goals and scintillating play from various underdogs over what facial expression Ronaldo made at training when someone didn’t pass him the pass 80 yards from the opponent’s goal.

Football isn’t a just sport. If it was a truly fair sport a player like Dwayne De Rosario would be able to step onto the World Stage representing his country at that highest level. Still in his prime De Rosario took an opportunity to return to his home town to play for Toronto FC. He could have demanded outrageous wages but he didn’t and he’s thrilled to play for his friends and family. Not only does he have a passion for his roots he also does his best to improve the plight of others and give back to those people that now walk the same paths he took to get where he is now.

De Rosario won’t ever represent his country on the grand stage but he remains a hero to the 20 000 supporters he entertains each week as well as those people who would know him only has a stranger who made the decision to care. I suggest to you that he is worthy of a highlight video on the same page as Ronaldo

Compare what these two players will leave behind them when their stars have flickered out. Ronaldo will leave us with incredible footage and multiple highlights. De Rosario will leave less of both but will be remembered as a human being. Would you rather be remembered as a great player with a number on your back or as a human being who used his gains to benefit others and impact strangers on a fundamentally good and exceptional level.

So I’ll ask you now: does Ronaldo deserve to be at the World Cup? Does he need to be there? Wouldn’t it be nice to give an open stage to a group of unheralded, untainted and genuinely deserving heros?

I think you know the answer.