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Through Anyway…Bloody Injustice That

October 14, 2009 2 comments

Wouldn’t it have been interesting to have a World Cup without the two best players in the world? 

Is it so bad that I wanted someone to fail? 

So Portugal and Argentina are through despite having terrible qualifying campaigns, why should I feel disappointed?  I do either way and I can’t help it.  It’s nice to get something new for a change and Euro 2008 without England was just that.  It was fine and there was an even distribution of attention across the board.

Not Worthy of the Grandest StageFootball is ultimately an emotional sport and it tugs on all our memories and brings them into play.  I’m thinking of World Cup 2006 Portugal v. Netherlands.  Portugal cheated their way into the next round.

Then there is the “Hand of God” goal.  I’m sorry I have an issue with someone who blatantly cheats and then has the nerve to crack jokes about it for decades afterward.  Maradona may be the darling of Argentina and a wonderful former player but he has no place on the World Stage before a billion spectators. 

Personal biases are what make the sport great. 

They’re usually based on little to no fact and are so deeply rooted that nothing can dislodge them.

We’ve all tasted defeat and humiliation.  Being sure of, even knowing our team would win only to be left stripped of all belief and exposed.

Football really matters doesn’t it?  It really matters.  Beautiful.