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It begins!!

Finally it’s starting. We’ve waited four years since the last but now its here!

When you woke up this morning were you excited? Did it seem like the world had a pleasant gloss when you looked out your window?

Football, and in particular today the World Cup, is a more than a sport and while that sounds like a cliche there is significant truth to that statement.

In the past we have seen conflict and hatred between nations put aside to allow the beautiful game its moment. Do you remember USA v. Iran? Everyone thought it would be an ill-tempered game fueled by poor political relationships. In reality it was a well-mannered game between two respectful opponents.

This time around in South Africa North Korea have qualified for the tournament proper with what is mostly a team of unknowns.

We might all assume that this team is made up of dour individuals who are oppressed by The Leader and His expectations. However, if at any time there is good sportsmanship between a North Korean and an opponent or if there is a handshake of mutual respect between solemn gladiators then the oppression that we all know exists in their country will be defeated if but for a short while.

The World Cup is bigger than the host nation and it is bigger than the ultimate winner. Huge salaries are put aside and only national pride and love for your fellow human beings is required.

This is why I’m excited. There is nothing more beautiful.

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