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Tempered Confidence: NED 6-1 HUN

This afternoon the Dutch swept aside Hungary 6-1. 

Hungary managed to provide a nervous flutter for all involved with the Oranje by taking a very early lead.  Defensively speaking if the Dutch can keep possession as much as they like they’ll be able to avoid conceding more goals than they score.

Thankfully the ridiculous firepower available soon put the proper gloss on the scoreline.  Five goals in the second half easily brushed their opponents aside.  In the three friendlies the Dutch planned pre-World Cup they beat their opponents 11-3.  Ideally we would move forward and conquer all before us but, NO that can’t happen now that the Curse of the World Cup has struck the Oranje Lions.

Arjen Robben suffered a hamstring injury.

For a moment let’s put on our realistic caps for a moment.  A front line of van Persie, van der Vaart, Sneijder and Kuyt is NOT, I repeat NOT as bad as you think.  But Robben is a deadly weapon who scored one of best goals of Euro 2008 against France.

Robben is getting a scan tomorrow and an update – along with more razor sharp commentary will follow.

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