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Champions League Final: Sneijder v. Robben

Well there’s been no love lost as of yet.  I begin to write this 20 minutes into the match.

It’s been a somewhat sedate beginning with more tackles than attacks.  Sneijder had one particularly ugly challenge on Robben.  Strangely Ribery was sent off in the first leg against Lyon for a very similar challenge.  As of 25 minutes Bayern have had the lion’s share of possession with precisely nothing to show for it.

As of 28th minute the possession numbers look like this: Bayern 67% – 33% Inter.  Boring stuff really.  The fact that I’ve been able to write this runner without missing a thing is testament to the lack of anything…

Sneijder is involved in Inter Milan’s opener.  His composure on the ball and a deft pass puts Milito through.  Add  a lovely finish by Milito and you have a goal that essentially sums up what Mourinho’s team is all about.  Inter have beaten Bayern in the first half through patience and the ability to take the single excellent chance they’ve been provided with.

At half time its Inter with the lead really the game feels like its over.  You have to feel like Mourinho is in the dressing room right now laying out his plans with his club saying, “Alright, we’ve got our goal and that’s all we need.  Let’s park the bus and frustrate for the next 45 minutes. ”

Without wanting to be guilty of stating the bleeding obvious Bayern really need to score.  I would argue that they shouldn’t score too early providing Inter with a lot of time to absorb the ensuing pressure and hit them again.  Were Bayern to score after teh 75th I would put my money on the Germans grabbing the second.  If it goes to Extra time regardless of momentum and the score my money switches to Inter.

Now in the second half there has been more excitement in the first 2 minutes then in the whole of the first half INCLUDING the goal.

Inter Milan eventually get their second goal through Milito.  The two goals were completely different each requiring a different set of skills.  Fifteen yards inside the Bayern half Eto’o sprayed a through ball for Milito, just hanging onside, who made an utter fool of van Buyten who ended up on his backside while Milito coolly stroked the ball past Butt.  Bayern have had incredible possession but have been able to create absolutely nothing.  Inter are now cruising to victory with Bayern meekly firing attempts at goal.

The final whistle blows and Inter are Champions.  Regrettably Bayern did not offer much of a test.  They were allowed to have an inordinate amount of possession but were able to create SQUAT.

As much as it pains me to say it they are worthy champions given the context.  And so how does this look for the Oranje?  As far as we can see all three vital Dutchmen emerge unscathed and ready for he World Cup.  Sneijder will go to camp with club football’s greatest prize.

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