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New Dutch World Cup 2010 Home Shirt

Alright let’s talk a little fashion! 

I’ve looked all over and I haven’t had a lot of success finding the new home shirt for the World Cup.  There is plenty of information floating around for the away shirt but very little for the home shirt.

Low and behold my local store has it!  I managed to grab an image as well as a TERRIBLE video.  Yes the video is very very bad but it briefly summarizes the main features for Nike’s latest offering. 

The Dutch kits of late have been creative.  The shirt for Euro 2008 was beautiful with a lot of small details appreciated by everyone.  This time out the shirt has been scaled back in terms of flash.  We are back to a more traditional look with black being the secondary colour.  The first time I saw this shirt I thought immediately of the 1974 kit worn by the legendary Cruyff and Company.  Ironically that kit was made by Adidas and not Nike.  There are also some similarities to the Euro 2000 kit.

Features are sparse as I alluded too.  “NEDERLAND” appears at the nape of the neck while an oblong flag appears on the inside.  For the 2006 World Cup we had a well designed collar while in the 2008 Euro tournament we had a half white and half red/white/blue collar.  This time around we have a traditional crew neck with black trim.

The most interesting feature is on the inside of the shirt and will never be seen by anyone looking at you.  It was this feature that made me want to take the video.  Inside the shirt on the reverse of the KNVB badge there are the worlds “Oranje Leeuwen” which translates to Orange Lions.  I like the touch and Nike have included this on the away shirt as well.

I don’t think this is the most exciting football shirt I’ve seen.  I won’t be running out to pick this one up (although I may have told a little white lie to the store employee in order to convince them to let me make a video in their store).  It’s my understanding this shirt will be paired with all black shorts with white trim.  There are some online stores that are selling the new home shirt while it is beginning to creep into stores.  We can expect wider availability as we get closer South Africa where our Oranje Leeuwen will be looking svelte in their throwback shirts.

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