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The Second Good Sport Award: Lionel Messi

You don’t get this award of awards by scoring buckets of goals or by being better than anyone else.  Being a good sport has more to do with being a good example (as cheap as that sounds).

Messi is undoubtedly now the best player in the world at the moment.  His combination of speed and ruthlessness are unstoppable and a joy to watch.  But there’s more!  He has moral fibre and at least several ounces of dignity!  Let me set the stage.

Last time out in Spain you scored three and destroyed your oppenent.  Mid-week you scored twice in the world’s best competition.  Now today you’ve scored three incredible goals in aruguably one of your best performances yet including this outstanding effort.  Brilliant.

But your team gets pegged back by a resourceful Zaragoza and you respond with a lovely run into the box resulting in a penalty.  Today is your day and your first thought is not to grab a fourth but to…give the ball and the resulting penalty to the player on your team who needs a goal more than anything.  Ibrahimovic had a poor game riddled with shocking misses.  He needed a goal to restore some pride in himself.  Look at the concentration in his eyes and the relief rather than excitement after scoring.

Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo would have handed the ball to a confidence lacking Raul?  No.  Messi is the ultimate team player who puts the success of his team above everything else.  Couple that priceless mindset with irrepressable talent and you have without any doubt the most vital player in any side.

Bring on the World Stage for the World’s best player.

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