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Generally Speaking

Just a few quick thoughts before the weekend that we hope will contain some sort of defrosted football.

The Togo National Team attacked by gunmen.  The bus driver was killed and four others injured.  Portsmouth is asking for their players back if their safety cannot be guaranteed.  Maybe I’m cynical but this is probably a case of desperate opportunism on the Portsmouth’s part.  Their situation has never been more perilous and any glimmer of hope has to look like the second coming.  If only the club was genuinely concerned about the well-being of their players.

Man City are Desperate.  Patrick Viera?  Do we really have to witness the last painful years of a former star?  Viera is not, NOT I repeat, going to answer the equation Mancini is eagerly trying to solve.  Good players who start to fall off the pace typically move to Italy instead of the way round.  What a pity.

Man United is in Debt but…it doesn’t matter.  Have you ever been in debt?  I’m in debt.  It affects everything you do.  That is unless you’re Manchester United.  As much as I love the man Sir Alex Ferguson seems to be losing his grip of late.  It seems every week he’s ranting about some referee or complaining there wasn’t eight minutes of added time.  Now he’s telling us the “this should be illegal” amount of debt the Glazer family incurred when they bought United does not affect his day to day transfer dealings.  If you owed 700 million and cashed in on an 80 million asset wouldn’t you want to take a chunk off of your shiver and sweat inducing interest payments?  Sure you would.

I suppose that’s all for now.  What a crazy a week it’s been.

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