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Man United are the new Leeds

Let’s quickly get some of the really interesting stats out of the way. 

  • Leeds are 42 places below Man United in the overall scheme of English Football.
  • Sir Alex Ferguson has never lost an FA Cup Third round match.
  • United’s forwards (Rooney and Berbatov) together cost 60 million together.

I don’t really think United will be topping the third division in 10 years. 

Alan Smith and Paul Robinson react to Leeds' Relegation

Don’t you think this would never have come up had Manchester United’s opponents not been Leeds United?  Leeds United are one of the most tragic stories in all of football.  A decade ago they were gracing football’s showpiece, the Champions League.  Their fall was catastrophic .  It had everything really: triumph and success, tragedy, crippling failure, terrible owners and now we see the glimmers of new hope.

The key differences of course is the absence of abject failure for Manchester United.  Leeds United did not achieve the consistent success required sustain the wage bills and other necessities for the premier echelon of world club football. 

Surely a club like Arsenal better fit the bill for a possible club in crisis?  Crippled by obscene building costs they cannot afford to bring in the bright lights of football (provided Wenger decided to) and so results began to go against them.  The talented young prospects they did have suddenly wanted away as quickly as possible. 

With no success whatsoever (and has there really been any of late?) to bring in extra funds Arsenal are left in financial turmoil.  After several unsuccessful bids from well-intentioned buyers (and some not so well-intentioned) they eventually were overcome and went into administration.  The bills just couldn’t be paid.

Okay so Arsenal aren’t likely to plunge into financial hell anytime soon.  But neither are Manchester United.  Again the key difference is success or the lack of it. 

Just to reiterate the only reason the Manchester United were though of in terms of collapse and downfall is because of their opponents who so spectacularly bungled their own success.

  1. bobbygee
    January 5, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    Leeds also won three D-1 titles as well. Leeds is now on the way back. this is good. This could happen to one of the big clubs if they are not careful.

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