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Ringing Endorsement

Since I’ve blown my own cover and shown my true colours (orange and orange) I figure I’ll share some of the things that I use to build up my own self belief.

I’m always on the look out for comments and articles that reinforce what I already know: the Dutch will win the World Cup.  This particular endorsement comes from a GERMAN working in England no less.  Surely there could be no better prediction. 

The man’s name is Raphael Honigstein and he believes the Dutch will win.


The prediction is at 3:55.  He says,

“I’m going to make an unusual choice and say they Dutch.  They’re not big favourites because they never win anything.  They’re bottlers, perhaps slightly more aesthetically pleasing bottlers in comparison with England.  I’ve got a feeling that especially after the Euros and maybe the lessons they learned from that and with a slightly more pragmatic manager in charge that it might be their year.”

In all likelinood I’m blowing this way out of proportion but I don’t care.  I’ll take what I can get.

Afterall, the Dutch are famous for winning…squat.  My hope is they remember the four matches they played in Euro 2008.  They had such incredible momentum after the first two matches but decided to change the line up for the dead rubber match to conclude the group.  Once they met Russia they had lost their rhythm and exited without so much as a whimper.

I refuse to learn my lesson.  It’s not the losing but the hope that kills you.  I didn’t make that up I lifted it from somewhere.  Probably the Guardian in all honesty.

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