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PES 2010 vs FIFA10

So I’ve played both of the latest editions put out by Konami and EA.  Both franchises have been tweaking and fiddling for years and years.

Before this years copy I had played a PES offering for approximately 30 minutes or so.  Previously I’ve owned about eight of the last ten FIFA editions.

I don’t play a lot of video games and truly when it came time to get a new system I was married and some compromise was required.  The Nintendo Wii was the decision.  Really it was the only decision since a financial outlay of that amount requires value for both of us and the Wii provides her with plenty of entertainment options.

I can’t believe that nobody has spoken about the Wii versions of these games.  EA has gone in a completely different direction with their 2010 edition.  They have aimed at a much younger audience somewhere in the seven to ten year old range.  The players are cartoonish and the game itself is littered with “GREAT SHOT” and “Good Pass” messages.  Pull off a good shot and the whole game goes into flow motion and you have no idea the outcome until the agonizing animation concludes.

I don’t use the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk, I prefer the classic controller and I always have.  I own the FIFA 09 and could see the transition being made already then.  The cartoonish match experience was apparent then already.

The 2010 edition of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) however is much more realistic.  The concept of a sports simulation is alive and well in this game.  The bells aren’t as shiny and whistles not as sweet as FIFA but the match play is excellent.

Personally I love the ability to “correct” the game if there is anything I feel is out of place.  This was something I hugely enjoyed in previous FIFA versions and I was sorry to see it taken out of FIFA 09.  I’m astonished at the level of customization available in PES2010.  I can create myself and place myself not only in whichever club team I choose but I can also call myself up to a national squad and compete in a World Cup.

Ultimately there is no debate and no difficult decision to be made if you want to play football on your Wii.  It isn’t a carefully weighed or close contest.  Just face facts: if you’re not an 8 year old who likes cartoony graphics and slow motion highlights FIFA10 isn’t meant for you.  EA intends their latest Wii edition to hold over the youngsters until their parents buy them an Xbox or PS3.

Finally for a real and honest simulation game you need PES 2010.

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