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What’s Sport compared to This?

Sport is nothing.  I mean come on, what is it really.  You have checked your favourite site today, read up on your club and maybe even felt, angry, frustrated or somehow aggrieved at something you’ve read.

It’s all nothing compared to life though.  Sport is a distraction.  It’s a good distraction too.  Football doesn’t actually define anyone or anything though.  You can pull on a shirt but that shirt comes off just as easily.  A swimsuit would be just as easy as a football shirt or hockey skates for that matter.  The men is the same.  He goes home, he eats and he sleeps

Robert Enke is a goalkeeper in Germany.  Robert Enke booked his place on the plane to South Africa with the German team.  Robert Enke is dead and they’re saying its suicide.  He’s left behind a wife and an adopted child. 

Football and sport as a whole are the icing on the cake.  They’re the garnish on our dinner; the parmesan reggiano sprinkled over our meaningless spaghetti and meatballs. 

Let’s take a minute and allow ourselves a dose of perspective.  While we’re slagging off referees for missing a yellow card or a linesman for an incorrect offside always remember that there are worse things in life than losing a football match.

Robert Enke had a chance of going to the World Cup to represent Germany.  That and all his other dreams have come to an end.

Robert Enke

Robert Enke

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