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That Scalding Reality

I will tell you why players like to dive and con the referee.  Have you been wondering?  Everyone likes to talk about how terrible cheating is but nobody ever wants to talk about the *why*.  I guess it’s typical though….there’s more fun in condemning someone for being depraved instead of wondering why he’s depraved.

It’s because there is no other way to gain an unearned advantage. 

Isn’t that one of the reasons why we love it?  You can’t fake skill.  You can’t fool me into thinking you’re a great player when you’re clearly not.  I can watch you playing and I can see that you can’t win by being better than that other team.  Ya, they’re crap too but the only way you can beat them is by falling all over yourself trying to make a man who’s sole job is to be impartial and unbiased look bad.

For every flop, for every dive, for every con there is a player who is found out.  We’re all better than that cheat.  I’ve seen my own hero try to unfairly gain an advantage!  My faith has been betrayed.  My integrity assaulted.

Even the love we have for our hero’s doesn’t smother the indignation or the humility.  We’re better than that.  I encourage you to watch the below video and enjoy the idiocy of those who have tried to con not just the officials but YOU the true lover of football.

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