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Love at First Loss

I don’t know why I love the club that I do.

I’ve thought long and hard about that sentence.  It didn’t take long to realize that I don’t know why but the second part made me really think.  It’s that “L” word that everyone hates to love and loves to hate.  Love.  That’s really how I feel despite all their failings, errors and ineptitudes. 

Love isn’t easy when you’re in a long distance relationship.  You don’t get to see them in person.  You aren’t able to smell them, touch them, or throw an appliance at them to display your displeasure.  Often there are emotions that have no outlet. 

When loving from afar little things can take on a life of their own; you hear what other people are saying about the other and you don’t know who to believe.  They’re much closer after all.

Then it comes down to a crap game where the team you love betrays everything you thought you knew.  What do you do with that?  I know there’s always next weekend and a part of me knows that they’ll win again soon but I feel betrayed all the same. 

It all won’t matter the next day though.  I’ll wake up and I won’t remember the worst parts of it or the complete embarassment of the debacle. 

It must be love.

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