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Sweet Validation

As this Sunday comes to a close we’ve learned something more.

First of all, I was right about Liverpool. Granted they were beaten by a freak goal but ultimately without Gerrard and Torres they are mediocre at best and at their worse, as they were on Saturday, they belong in the middle of the pack.

Second we saw that Rooney-less Manchester United can still find ways to win: credit to Sir Alex for building a respectable team outside of the recognized superstars.

And we’ve also seen that all the superstars and planning in the world can’t prepare you for a bad day as Chelsea realized. All praise should be given to Aston Villa who have adequately filled their own gaps and made great strides this season.

Manchester United were poor despite their win and Liverpool will be craving domestic redemption come next weekend. Liverpool v. United are the top bill for certain.

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