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If the World Cup Were Now…

It’s Monday and we’ve all just barely made it through the day. I was thinking that things tend to change drastically between the end of World Cup Qualifying and the start of the tournament proper.  I’ve just included Europe for funzies.

So I thought why not put my Excel skills to work and find out where everyone stands at this point. Each team is in their own group and its hard to compare side by side. I’ve decided to look at two things only: the average number of points per game and the goal difference(goals conceded subracted from goals scored) per game. Simple right? Yes and just scientific enough to be worth a look.

I’ve sorted by points per game first and then by the average goal difference:

  Team Pts/Game GD/Game
1 England



2 Spain



3 Netherlands



4 Germany



5 Russia



6 Italy



7 Slovakia



8 Serbia



9 Denmark



10 Switzerland



Pretty interesting isn’t it?  England are top of the “World Cup Table”!  England, Spain and the Netherlands are all tied on points from their perfect results so far.  The Dutch are actually 4th in terms of Goal Difference per game with is interesting since they’ve been among the tightest defensively and somewhat conservative going forward.

Russia are the only team in the top 10 who are currently 2nd in their group.  Switzerland are also showing signs of improvement sneaking in at number 10.

Do we really think England will win the World Cup?  Well no because this doesn’t include Brazil at all does it?  What this table also doesn’t include is the mental strength of each team, intra-team bickering, individual mental breakdowns or other teams cheating (lets be honest).

In the end this all means nothing because Germany and Brazil will likely knock out all of the interesting teams.  At least we can hope the boring teams from everywhere except South American and Europe get knocked early and Spain and the Netherlands play some attractive football before succumbing to their old habits.

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