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Good Sport and Ryan Giggs

It’s strange that a game can impact our lives as much as football does.  The cynic would say that money drives the game which makes it bigger, brighter and more interesting and more appealing to the wider audiences with short attention spans.

I don’t buy it.  Not for a minute.

The good thing about Sport is that it is self-sustaining.  It lives within itself and grows on its own.  The game isn’t fundamentally different from when I saw Dennis Bergkamp take down a lofted Frank de Boer pass to beat Argentina(that includes one of the best pieces of commentary ever) in 1998 and when I saw Manchester United beat Chelsea in Moscow amidst the rain and incessant sparkle of flash bulbs. The game is the same despite being 10 years on.

More than 15 years ago a young Welshman named Ryan Giggs made his debut for Manchester United. Since that time he has provided some of the most electrifying moments in the Premier League’s history. The recent renaissance of his career has been a wonderfully refreshing breeze thus far into the season.

Ryan Giggs has proved one thing: the game does not change, the players within it do. The laws and tactical fundamentals remain the same but its the players who can alter the game, change the game and grab football by the scruff of the neck and drag it into each successive chapter.

I describe the sport as good. Within this good sport players provide great moments. We are lucky to be able to visit this sport every weekend.

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